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6/30(火)Cafe Bohemia Bellydance Show Night

2015年6月30日-9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

At "Cafe Bohemia", which goes beyond the framework of a cafe and disseminates oriental culture such as music, shisha, and dance,
A full-fledged belly dancer will appear and create a magical dinner time experience.
6/30(火)1st Show 21:00〜、2nd Show 22:00〜
Charge Free (Please order one or more items per person.)
【Belly Dancers】Kader,meg,yuri
【Kader (meaning fate,destiny and also Girl’s name in Turkish.)】
Kader was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is an Oriental Dancer. She performs mainly in Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurants, Parties, Hotels and various events as a freelance dancer.In the “ODADA” Bimonthly Events, She acts as Dance Leader and Planner of the entire event. Kader’s lessons program mainly focused on femininity, and especially, not only in the area of belly dancing limits, but, far beyond that. That is to say, She incorporates belly dancing with yoga, bodily physical science, art, culture, history, myth tales within her performances. Before She went into the path of dancing through an experience in Turkey, which became one of the turning point in her life, She had graduated the prestigious Art University in Japan, specializing in field of Traditional Japanese Art,majoring at Urushi Craft Art. Following her graduation, She worked as an editor in one of the renowned publisher, famous for being Japan’s most prominent juvenile literature. With such a career and past experiences in different fields, literature, art and philosophy, besides, sudden turns and twists, in her life, like meandering, affected and helped her to compose all, in her new career, as a specific dancer and art performer, gave her great dynamism and motivation, cured her both physically and mentally, finally, creating a peaceful figure, Kader.
more info… http://kaderdancer.com.


9:00 PM - 11:00 PM