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10/13 (Tue) Ruhani Bellydance Show

October 13, 2015 - 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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At "Cafe Bohemia", which goes beyond the framework of a cafe and disseminates oriental culture such as music, shisha, and dance,
Dancers from the Ruhani Belly Dance Arts studio, which has its main school in Omotesando and Harajuku, will create a bewitching dinner time experience.
10/13 (Tue) 1st Show 21:00~, 2nd Show 22:00~
Charge Free (Please order one or more items per person.)
[Belly Dancers]
Since his student days, he has created dance works such as the ``Zufu Odori'' series using his own unique style, and has been active on stage. Participated in many gallery performances and collaborations with musicians and artists.
During the ``Yamato Katari'' dance, which is a recitation of the Kojiki, offerings are made to Noh stages and temples and shrines.
He is also active as a facilitator for Venus Yoga and Purnima dance mainly in Hayama.
Studied belly dance with Nourah since 2011, Ruhani Belly Dance
Appeared in many Arts events. He is good at unconventional, improvisational and shamanic Ethno Fusion.
A dancer who freely travels through the world of dance, surrendering to all cultures through music.
I started belly dancing seriously in 2008, studying under Mishaal and Nourah. Currently a member of Ruhani Belly Dance Arts and a lecturer.
Specializes in Oriental, Ethno Cabaret, Ambient Oriental, and Fusion.
She has traveled to Turkey many times, studying Oriental and Romani dance, music, and gyrations.
Conveying the blessings and love of nature and life through dance.
In Turkey, he performed with BabaZula. Appeared in the Japan performance of former belly dance superstar Ansuya and the performance of Romani dancer Reyhan from Turkey.
Learn various genres of dance and dance in a variety of places, from the street to formal traditional performing arts stages.
She encountered belly dancing at a friend's recital, and was drawn to the beauty and diverse expressive methods of Middle Eastern music, and began learning it.
I fell in love with the charm of belly dancing, which brings out the beauty in every woman.
Studied under Nourah since 2013.
She values the sense of unity with the music and the place, and aims to dance as if she were playing music with her body..


October 13, 2015
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM