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4/16(Thu) Cafe Bohemia Bellydance Show Night

2015年4月16日-9:00 PM - 11:00 PM

写真 2015-04-15 18 00 12
At "Cafe Bohemia", which goes beyond the framework of a cafe and disseminates oriental culture such as music, shisha, and dance,
A full-fledged belly dancer will appear and create a magical dinner time experience.
■4/16(木)1st Show 21:00〜、2nd Show 22:00〜
Charge Free (Please order one or more items per person.)
【Dancers】Natacha , Emily , Marinah
She started her acting career at the age of 12 on NHK's "Junior High School Diary." After that, he moved his base to Tokyo, and appeared on Fuji TV's ``Worldly Bizarre Story'' and Nippon Television's ``Hagure Keiji.''
She started modeling after being selected as the image girl for a trip to Japan at the age of 16 for the ``Red Balloon.'' She has appeared in TV commercials for cars, mobile phones, confectionery, and other fashion and beauty magazines such as ``ViVi,'' ``Fine,'' and ``Hair Catalog.'' , worked as an assistant on popular TV programs such as TBS's ``Saury Karakuri TV'' and NTV's ``Sekai Marumie!'', and worked as a catalog and PV model for cosmetics companies such as Shiseido, Shu Uemura, and Kao.
Since the age of 22, he has expanded his activities to radio personalities such as TFM ``Emotional Beat'' and FM Yokohama ``Air Cruise'', and has also been active in Radio Tsukuba and cable broadcasting.
Discovered belly dancing in 2003 and learned belly dancing from many artists both domestically and internationally. Since 2008, I have been studying under Mishaal and learning the ``Sacred Earth Belly Dance'' in order to dedicate my dance to Mother Earth.
Member of Miahaal's belly dance ensemble "Samanyolu" from 2010 to 2014.
The largest fashion festival in history - Tokyo Girls Collection 2010S/S & 2012S/S @ Yokohama Arena, FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL'12 with a record 140,000 people, Miyakojima music festival MYAHK3 '12, Full Moon Festival, Dance of Shiva, etc. He performs at music and outdoor events, foreign belly dancer shows visiting Japan, ethnic restaurants, Samanyolu Ambient Oriental Night, etc. He also travels to Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukushima to give performances and workshops.
Overseas, she has performed at Tribal Fes @ USA, Fire Watar @ Hoxton UK, Mystical Belly Dance Night with Anello Capuano @ ARMA Museum Bali, Turkish Delight Dance Festival, and BabaZula Live @ Istanbul, and is learning belly dance..


9:00 PM - 11:00 PM