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Cafe Bohemia Ruhani Belly Dance Show

September 11, 2023 - 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Dancers from Ruhani BellyDance Arts will dance regularly every month at Cafe BOHEMIA, an exotic cafe restaurant in Shibuya.
Maeve, Aglaea, Manolya, MIKA, MINORI, Yoshie, and Yumi will be dancing in September. Look forward to it☆

Date 9/11(Monday)
■ Place Cafe BOHEMIA
〒150-0042 36-22-1F Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
■Show time 1st 20:30- 2nd 21:30-
☆ No replacement
■Dancer Maeve, Aglaea, Manolya, MIKA, MINORI, Yoshie, Yumi



Ruhani BellyDance Arts instructor
Classical ballet since childhood
Japanese dance is Fujima style, Uchideshi,
He is also eager to learn from Hanayagi-ryu students, who are direct students of Living National Treasures.
Nourah has studied dance from various master teachers both domestically and internationally.

Elegantly depicting various states of life with a focus on classical oriental style.
Sometimes they perform shamanic prayer dances.

Various star dancers from Turkey and Egypt came to Japan and performed solo.
Invited as a guest dancer due to several offers from overseas,
2019, Performed at a huge event with 3,000 people attended by top companies in Shanghai, China - Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel.
He is active in a wide range of activities, including the Chateau DMC in-house Live event held at the end of Dentsu's fiscal year.
2019-2023 Mass media in Greater China
Japan's largest China guide newspaper,
She is often featured in publications such as Japan China News as ``Maeve's Brilliant Dance'' along with famous Hollywood actors.

We are involved in various events as Maeve project,
Two performances at Art Aquarium, which attracted a total of 10 million people,
MV appearances by up-and-coming musicians,
In addition to working on choreography,
He often appears in video productions such as PV2 works with Japanese traditional flower arranging masters.

There will also be a solo exhibition reception for an artist who is frequently recommended by UK VOGUE and who continues to collaborate with many high-end brands.
Danced at a solo exhibition at Germany's highest peak ROLF BENZ and at Ginza Dunhill.
He has become an inspiration to a wide variety of artists, including photographers who have won awards at the European Art Festival, and is expanding his range of activities.


Illustrator active in a variety of fields including magazines and picture books (MAKO Orchestra Studio)
Using the iPad, he was invited to the 2018 Apple iPad presentation in New York as an artist.
After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she discovered belly dancing as part of her post-operative rehabilitation.

Belonged to RuhaniBellyDanceArts in 2018 and studied under Maeve.
Art that uses dancers as models is popular,
I myself discovered the joy of captivating people through belly dancing.
As a full-fledged belly dancer, she continues to work hard every day with passion.
The free expression when improvising dance is connected to art where originality is important,
Dancing restores health and becomes a source of creative activity.

Manolya / Manolya

Belongs to RuhaniBellyDanceArts.
She grew up surrounded by pure white snow and was exposed to the rich nature of the snow country, and has a unique worldview with a sensibility that continues to fascinate her with beautiful things. She entered the world of dance through social dancing from an early age.
I discovered belly dancing in 2014 and have been working on it every day with passion. She has a reputation for her emotional and feminine dance.
She was given the dancer name by her beloved teacher, Maeve, based on the image of Manolya, a beautiful, ephemeral, snow-like flower, and a powerful flower that looks up to the heavens.

MIKA / Mika
Belongs to Ruhani Bellydance Arts

While having an exotic and graceful gaze,
She has a strong passion for belly dancing, and while making use of her unique appearance, she also dances in the Egyptian style.
Deepen your sense of exploration into various music.
I continue to be attracted to the beautiful world view of belly dance,
He patiently refines and brightens his own style.
Studied under Meave since 2016.

Belongs to RuhaniBellyDanceArts

With my mother being a potter,
Studied pottery, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and painting since childhood.
We do not want to be limited to Japanese culture as a way to express our sensibilities,
Studied dance from Maeve from 2021.

I have been involved in sports since my school days.
Make use of your healthy and beautiful body,
A dancer who evokes a sense of enjoyment in the viewer with her rich sensitivity and free feeling.

– I am acutely aware of the difficulty of having a sense of playfulness and expressing it freely.
I will continue to work under the guidance of Dr. Maeve.
I would like to continue to pursue this jewel-like dance.


Yoshie / Yoshie

Belongs to Ruhani Bellydance Arts

While working as a contemporary artist, he came into contact with music, performance, dance, and various other forms of art, and began to admire dancers who express themselves with their bodies.
I discovered belly dancing in 2014 and studied under Maeve. Fascinated by the beauty of the supple, flowing movements, and experiencing the joy of dancing welling up from deep within the body, they are drawn into the world of belly dance.
With the painstaking expressiveness and facial expressions typical of Japanese people, she dances like an elegant white flower. I fell in love with this jewel-like oriental dance and aim to become a dancer who can express freedom and joy.



Belongs to Ruhani Bellydance Arts.
As a midwife, she supports the beauty and health of various women while facing the mystery of life and the strong, supple beauty of women. I have also been a Pilates instructor for 10 years.

Focusing on the fact that the hip work of belly dance leads to a better birth, she began learning dance in 2014, and in 2015, she became fascinated by the graceful and noble movements and studied under Maeve.
Her dances, which express dignified nobility and the loveliness of women, are well-received.


■Show charge Free/Minimum order
*We ask that you spend 2,000 yen or more on food and drinks per person.

How to make a reservation

Seats will be reserved in advance to ensure seat spacing.
Please make a reservation for your seat by phone.
★Reservation phone number 03-6861-9170

If you would like to see a belly dance show,
Please tell us the name of the representative/number of people making the reservation.

To avoid congestion, please specify from the times below.


*If you have other preferred times, please let us know.


September 11, 2023
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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