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Cafe Bohemia Ruhani Belly Dance Show

July 14, 2020 - 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM



Appeared in more than 100 performances in more than 10 countries, mainly in Europe. He has collaborated with many famous artists such as BaBa ZuLa, Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Boom pam, Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation), Fanfare Ciocarlia, Cicano Batman, and Quater to Africa, and has received high praise from overseas media. In addition to appearing on numerous stages in Japan such as FUJIROCK and Tokyo Girls Collection, they have also held the Nereides-jicoo Bellydance Cruise on the cruise ship in Tokyo Bay on the fourth Friday of every month since 2011.

Based on belly dance, we are collaborating with various artists and developing new expressions of belly dance. He captivates audiences with his highly improvisational and deeply spiritual style.

Proponent of "Exo-Bon Odori".

As a lecturer, she is focusing on empowering women as well as nurturing young dancers at her own studio, Ruhani BellyDance Arts.



In 1999, she began classical ballet and began to develop a fascination with dancing.

In 2014, drawn to Nourah's natural beauty, she entered the world of belly dancing. Fascinated by the worldview of Middle Eastern music, each day I experience the real pleasure of improvising dance, liberating myself, and the wonder of sound and body melting into one.

Belongs to Ruhani Bellydance Arts and studies under Nourah.

Karanfil means clove (spice) in Turkish. It has a sweet and spicy scent.



Since childhood, she has been familiar with piano and ballet, and when she moved from Tokyo to Okinawa, she was fascinated by the world of belly dancing and began studying under Bartsky.

She was a finalist in various events and competitions in Okinawa, and returned to Tokyo to study under Nicole, whom she had always admired, learning Egyptian style and becoming deeply involved in belly dancing.

After a period of time spent focusing on her main job as a body therapist and tuner, she returned to belly dancing and is currently studying under Nourah. She is a member of Ruhani Bellydance Arts and is the cousin of Maeve, a teacher at the same studio, and is also actively performing on stage as a belly dancer.



Instructor at Ruhani BellyDance Arts.

She has been involved in classical ballet since she was a child, and from her student days she studied Japanese dance diligently under the direct supervision of a Living National Treasure, the Hanayagi school, and even became an apprentice there.

She has now discovered belly dancing and is studying under the world-renowned dancer Nourah.

Simply existing there with the music, she expresses various states of mind elegantly, sometimes in a shamanic prayer dance, based on classical Oriental music.

She has performed solo at the Tokyo concerts of Raquy Danziger, Sema. Yildiz, Serap Su, and various star dancers from Turkey and Egypt, and has collaborated with many famous musicians, including BaBa Zula and Boom Pam, who have toured festivals in France and over 50 countries around the world. Since last year, she has received several offers from overseas, and will dance at leading companies and large events in China.

He also produces events with various artists and writers, and is actively involved in creating opportunities to perform together with famous musicians.

She is also in her sixth year as an instructor at Ruhani Bellydance Arts, passionately sharing her dance with the women she meets, hoping that belly dance will help brighten their lives even more.



She learned the violin from her parents, who loved Western classical music, at a young age. The first dance performance she saw was the Bolshoi Ballet's Swan Lake.

As a student, he majored in photography and took photos of dance.

After being introduced to Nourah by a friend, she was captivated by his world of dance and decided to study under him, becoming a member of Ruhani Bellydance Arts.

He likes the dances of ordinary people, and values dances that surrender to the various changes in the heart, such as sadness and joy.

●Ruhani Bellydance Arts


A belly dance studio that strives to empower women by bringing out their natural beauty and hidden potential through dance, and giving them the strength to live.

Love&Thanks ∞ NOURAH

Organized by Ruhani BellyDance Arts


3-36-17-3F Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo





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Reservations can be made by phone.
Please tell us that you would like to see the show, the name of the representative, and the number of people making the reservation.
To avoid congestion, please specify from the time below.
・From 19:00
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・From 20:00
*If you have any other desired time, please let us know.
*No show charge/minimum order. We ask that you spend at least ¥2,000 per person on food and drink.
*To promote social distancing, seats will be spaced apart.
☎︎Reservation phone number: 03-6861-9170


July 14, 2020
8:30 PM - 11:00 PM
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Ruhani Bellydance Arts
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