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Ruhani Bellydance Show

June 13, 2017 - 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

At "Cafe Bohemia", which disseminates oriental culture,
Dancers from the Ruhani Belly Dance Arts studio, which has its main school in Omotesando and Harajuku, will create a bewitching dinner time experience.
Ruhani Bellydance Arts
Date: 6/13 (TUE) 1st Show 20:00~, 2nd Show 21:30~
Charge: A minimum charge of 2000 yen per person will be charged.
Depending on the store situation on the day of the event, we may not be able to give priority to seats where you can easily watch the belly dance.
If you would like to reserve a viewing seat, please contact us using the contact details below by 3:00pm on the day of the event.
Please note that the only times you can reserve a seat are from 19:00 and 19:30.
We cannot accept reservations for customers arriving after 19:30, so please arrive as early as possible.
[Reservation phone number: 03-6861-9170]
Ruhani BellyDance Arts affiliated instructor.
He has loved painting and music since childhood, and has been active as a singer since his 20s, and has also produced many songs.
After that, he happened to see Nourah's worldview and was fascinated by it, so he entered the world of Belly dance in 2004 in order to expand his range of performances. Studied under Nourah.
In 2008, he took a break from music activities after performing at Fuji Rock Festival as a Belly dancer. In addition to appearances as a front act for overseas guests and restaurant shows, he also participates in numerous workshops and other events.
He is expanding his expressive abilities by actively participating in performances.
As the name Latte suggests, his improvisational style is rich in creativity and transcends genres and boundaries, based on gentle and loving expressions that melt into people, sounds, and spaces.
She gave birth to her first child in December 2010, and has been active in a wide range of activities since 2013, including holding Mom & Kids classes and workshops.
In 2010, she began learning belly dance, focusing on the Egyptian style, and began studying with Nourah in 2015.
[Nature] [Mind] [Body] are improvised and enchanted with dances that harmonize comfortably.
She deeply loves and continues to learn Bellydance in order to embody the beauty, strength, and delicacy of women.
He also studied Darbuka under Takseema. A dancer who is good at connecting with [sound] from various angles by tapping the rhythm himself, and dancing with passion.
He is active in performing at Sema Yildiz's concerts in Japan, shows at restaurants and bars in Tokyo and Chiba, and various other events.
Started dancing in high school. Gradually expanding the range of genres from street dance centered on Hip Hop, in 2014, he touched the world of belly dance. Fascinated by the sensual nature of dance, which liberates femininity, she began to study it and came across Nourah's performance.
Strongly attracted to Nourah's beautiful and mysterious worldview, overwhelming presence, and high level of artistry, he began studying under Nourah in 2016.
Belongs to Ruhani Belly Dance Arts.
Utilizing the sense of rhythm cultivated through street dance, she specializes in passionate and sharp dancing.
I like to express the energy I get from sound through dance, surrender to the sound, and dance as one with the music.
Appeared in a group dance at SerapSu's 2017 performance in Japan. We are gradually expanding our activities.
●Ruhani Bellydance Arts
A belly dance studio that strives to empower women by bringing out their natural beauty and hidden potential through dance, and giving them the strength to live.


June 13, 2017
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM