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Ruhani Bellydance Show

2018年8月14日-8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

At "Cafe Bohemia", which disseminates oriental culture,
Dancers from the Ruhani Belly Dance Arts studio, which has its main school in Omotesando and Harajuku, will create a bewitching dinner time experience.
Ruhani Bellydance Arts
Date:8/14(TUE)1st Show 20:00〜、2nd Show 21:30〜
Charge: A minimum charge of 2000 yen per person will be charged.
*Depending on the store situation on the day, we may not be able to give priority to seats where you can easily watch the belly dance.
If you would like to reserve a viewing seat, please contact us using the contact details below by 3:00pm on the day of the event.
*Please note that the times when you can reserve a seat are "19:00~", "19:30~", and "20:00".
We cannot accept reservations for customers arriving after 20:00, so please arrive as early as possible.
*If you will arrive more than 30 minutes late from your reserved time, please contact us in advance using the reservation number below.
If we do not hear from you, we will cancel your reservation and give priority to other customers.
*Please note that if it is crowded, we may ask you to share your seat.
[Reservation phone number: 03-6861-9170]
Belongs to Ruhani BellyDance Arts.
Shocked by the black music he started listening to under the influence of his mother when he was a student, he was exposed to a variety of music and club culture.
After studying street dancing, he started learning belly dancing in 2013.
技術のみではなく即興性や高い表現力、女性のエンパワーメントに力を注ぐ学びに感銘を受け、2015年よりNourahに師事。2017年Serap Su来日公演ほかスタジオ主催イベントへ多数出演。
He specializes in creative styles that transcend genres and boundaries.
2011年と2012年にトルコへ訪れ、本場のベリーダンスフェスティバルへ参加、トルコのトップスターSema YildizやSerap Suなどのダンサーからターキッシュスタイルを学ぶ。
One day, while living in a world far removed from dance, she happened to come across belly dancing.
I was instantly captivated by the emotional appeal of the dance - the graceful movements I had never seen before, and the passionate, lyrical music I had never heard before - and began to learn.
They value the emotions contained in the music and aim to create dance that conveys that emotion to the audience.
●Ruhani Bellydance Arts
A belly dance studio that strives to empower women by bringing out their natural beauty and hidden potential through dance, and giving them the strength to live.


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM