From the Udagawa Cafe Group, a new store "Jazz bar Kohaku -amber-" will open in Shibuya on April 12th.

LD&K Co., Ltd., which operates 25 cafes and live houses mainly in Shibuya, such as "Udagawa Cafe", "Cafe BOHEMIA", and "Sakuragaoka Cafe", has opened a new store "Jazz bar Kohaku -amber-".

The logo was designed by Chieko Hara, an illustrator and ink painter.
Construction by KLOKA

In Shibuya, which is a symbol of Tokyo as a town for young people, it was a smoky Jazz bar that was created as if going against the times.
A sound system with a drum set, Fender Rhodes, etc. that can also be used for jam sessions is permanently installed.

The menu includes smoked whiskey, "homemade coffee shochu" using original blended beans from Udagawa Cafe, "sake sangria" made with seasonal fruits pickled in sake, and the food menu offers oden all year round. You can enjoy a relaxing time that can only be obtained at

Tree sap undergoes various chemical changes over a long period of time, quietly confining the intensity and passion, making it a fossil of natural resin that shines like ore.
I wrote it with the image of overflowing sweet sap over time.
Quietly lures even the toughest beetles in the deep forest
Enjoy your special night.
-Logo design by Chieko Hara-

[Store overview]
Name: Jazz bar Kohaku -amber-
17-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Brother Building 6F
【telephone number】
【business hours】
Sunday-Thursday 19:00-2:00
Friday and Saturday 19:00 - 5:00 the next morning

*Lunch time from 5/1 11:30-16:00