“CBD Coffee” and “CBD Shisha” will be available at Udagawa Cafe Group stores from February 25!

LD&K original released at the end of last year.CBD beerJapanese company selling CBD products in response to the strong performance of “ One Inch Co., Ltd.With the cooperation of this time, we will further expand the repertoire of CBD products and aim to become a pioneer in the industry at once.
Udagawa Cafe Group stores will start handling all at once on February 25 (Thursday).
In addition, on March 10, when Shibuya opens, “Dogenzaka Cafe” (2-16-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku) will be positioned as a CBD pilot shop and will also sell CBD vape.

20 years after opening. Carefully selected "Udagawa Blend"
The "Udagawa Blend" offered by Udagawa Cafe is a gem that has been carefully roasted so that it will wake you up.
Since the opening of Udagawa Cafe, it has been loved for 20 years.

What is CBD—————————————–
CBD is an abbreviation for “cannabidiol,” one of the components of hemp, and is said to have a relaxing effect.

※各店舗ドリンク価格オプションで1Drop+300円となります。 ※コーヒー価格は店舗により異なります。* 1Drop + 300 yen as a drink price option at each store. *Coffee prices vary by store.

<12 stores handling CBD coffee>


▼Shinsaibashi, Osaka



※シーシャ価格オプション+500円となります。* Shisha price option +500 yen.

<4 stores handling CBD shisha>


▼Shinsaibashi, Osaka

<CBD beer #chill and relax>
Available at Udagawa Cafe Group stores and mail order sites! !

▼Official mail order site
<Set of 3 CBD beers>
<Set of 6 Shibuya Beer x CBD Beer Energy Packs>