Free snap ZINE "Realistic Shibuya" newly launched. Distribution starts from June 18th at Shibuya Udagawa Cafe affiliated stores!

Starting with cafes and live houses such as Udagawa Cafe and Chelsea Hotel, L.D. & K. Co., Ltd., which is diversified with food and music centered around Udagawacho, Shibuya, will newly open in 2020. From the platform division that was launched, it was announced that Shibuya's culture snap ZINE "Real Shibuya" will be launched on June 18th.
The potential of Shibuya, which cannot be conveyed through information on the Internet, is drawn out and expressed on paper. Show off the power of a city that lives powerfully and excite it with new-generation culture. 

What is ZINE? 
A little press booklet that attracts attention mainly on street culture. Mark Gonzalez (American professional skater) is said to be the originator. 
It has become a hot topic as a tool that allows creators and poets to express themselves freely.

Background of the birth of “Realistic Shibuya”
Based on the idea of making a paper book that can be used not only for searching on a smartphone, but also for finding interesting places, people, and culture in Shibuya, volunteers gathered at a voice SNS clubhouse, and this free ZINE was born. "Realistic Shibuya". 
The editor-in-chief is Hiratabin, an art director who handles a wide range of projects from designing popular cafes and show windows in Shibuya to brand photography. 

《Realistic Shibuya》 Greetings 

Various people gather in Shibuya, various cultures born from Shibuya... 
Creators and photographers of Shibuya's "now" that cannot be picked up by SNS and the Internet alone
It is a free snap ZINE "Realistic Shibuya" expressed by the subject. 
The subjects are people who can become icons of Shibuya, LGBTQ people, new occupations, etc. 
We would like to introduce you to a person who can be your life's goal and hope as a model. 
Also, for the shooting location, we searched for a place that embodies Shibuya, in addition to the hot topic on SNS. 
I would be happy if you could see this ZINE and feel "I have to go to Shibuya!". 

----------- Editor-in-Chief Hiratabin

<< Recruitment of subjects and participating creators! >>

The method of selecting models for publication is mainly self-recommendation by street scouts and SNS. 
We are accepting inquiries from the inquiry form on the website or Instagram. 
Photographers and creators are similarly recruited and recruited by multiple people. We will publish with awareness of page production that emphasizes individual creative colors.

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《Distribution location》

📍Cafe & Restaurant
Udagawa Cafe
Udagawa Cafe suite
Udagawa Cafe Annex
Sakuragaoka Cafe
Dogenzaka Cafe
The Closet
Jazz Bar Kohaku

📍Lie Blouse
chelsea hotel
star lounge
club malcolm

■ Publisher: Shibuya Near Future Culture Institute
■ Location: LD&K Building 3F, 18-4 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
■ Editor-in-chief: Hiratabin
Publication date of the zero issue: June 18, 2021 
[Realistic Shibuya HP]  
[Realistic Shibuya Instagram]