Udagawa cafe model appears in relaxing item "CBD vape"!

The Udagawa Cafe model has appeared in the popular electronic cigarette vape that allows you to easily consume the naturally derived relaxing ingredient "CBD" that is attracting attention all over the world!

One Inch Co., Ltd.With the cooperation of the company, it is a stylish item that uses safe and secure CBD and fits in the palm of your hand.

CBD vape Udagawa Cafe model
* Sales will start at stores handling from July 14 (Wednesday)

Body: ¥3500 (¥3850 including tax)
Liquid (4 pieces): ¥ 2000 (tax included ¥ 2200)

[Handling sales stores]


Udagawa Cafe
Dogenzaka Cafe
Shibuya cafe Bohemia
Udagawa Cafe "suite" 
Sakuragaoka Cafe
Shimokitazawa propaganda


Shinsaibashi cafe Bohemia

Cafe&bar Tengoku


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