CBD beer store update!


In 2020, sales will start as a sister product of the energy beer "Shibuya Beer", which was produced to restore the bustle of the fashion and culture epicenter "Shibuya" with the concept of "Rejuvenate Japan from Shibuya!" “CBD #chill&relax” sold 60,000 units in 2 years
The offer store is updated!


▼ Kanto (Shibuya, Shimokitazawa, Kanda, Ginza, Roppongi)

▼Shinsaibashi, Osaka



■ Product information

Product name: CBD Neu!
Package: Bottle/330ml
Ingredients: malt, hops, CBD, lemon
Alcohol content: 5%
CBD content: 17.5mg
Brewery: Oraho beer
CBD Ingredients: OFF Co., Ltd.

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・Set of 3 CBD beers
・Set of 6 Shibuya Beer x CBD Beer Energy Packs