LD&K company has created this common project with “Crouka company”, who worked with us for many years and produced the interior design of our N.1 cafe: “Udagawa cafe”. We are pleased to announce you the opening in Shimo-Kitazawa of our 18th new venue on February 2015.
With the redevelopment project of the station area, Shimo-Kitazawa is becoming a high-class district. Thanks to our experience and know-how with our “Udagawa cafe” series, we are offering you a new kind of “cafe” that wasn’t in Shimo-Kitazawa before.
Also, the company “Crouka”, who worked on our interior design production, has gathered a lot of attention with the installation of the large Christmas tree of Omotesando Hills in 2014.

Business hours:
Monday to Thursday・Holidays: 11:30 am〜2:00 am
Friday・Saturday・Day before holidays: 11:30 am〜5:00 am
Number of seats: 60