月~木   15:00~2:00
金     15:00~4:00
日     12:00~2:00
土・祝日  12:00~4:00


[:en]Udagawa cafe annex a.k.a. Udagawa “Rock lovers” is the second Udagawa cafe in Shibuya.
In the 6th floor of a building and distant from Shibuya’s tumult, this is a comfortable place where you can enjoy a nice lunch while listening to music.
At night, the DJ booth and live music equipments are always prepared to welcome a large number of artists and DJs for parties.

Every day, we keep organizing interesting events to make you enjoy Shibuya.
And for those of you who are thinking, “ I don’t really know why but I wanna do something fun!” you are more than welcome.

Monday to Thursday 15:00〜2:00
Friday 15:00〜4:00
Sunday 12:00〜2:00
Saturday- holidays 12:00〜4:00
( lunch time : Open〜18:00)